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Closer than you think!

Well, the High Holy Days are approaching already… Closer than you think!  Only a month and a half-ish til Rosh Hashanah!  Remembering this, I was in the neighborhood of my synagogue today and thought it would be a good time … Continue reading

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St Paul Mikveh

I was out and about today and drove past the place where I became Jewish and thought ‘I don’t have a picture of it. I should probably take one since I am in the neighborhood as a reminder of where … Continue reading

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Now that I am part of the tribe

I was sitting here thinking about the last time I posted to this blog.  My last post was the day after I went to the mikveh back in April.  If you ask me, that is just too damn long to … Continue reading

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I’m In!!

Yesterday was my Beit din and immersion. It was a wonderful experience. I definitely was nervous, so I felt like I was rambling answers and redfaced, but in the end they liked what I was saying and saw that I … Continue reading

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Conversion: My Personal Statement

Below is the personal statement that I wrote and submitted to my sponsoring Rabbi, Rabbi Michael Latz @ Shir Tikvah in Minneapolis.  It will be provided to the other members of the Beit Din that will be meeting with me on … Continue reading

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It isn’t just Europe: Anti-Semitic Graffiti Hits Madison, Wisconsin

This past Friday night/Saturday morning, my beloved hometown made national, even international news.  It wasn’t good news.  It was news of the bad persuasion.  The kind of news we have been hearing out of Europe a lot more as of … Continue reading

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12 Weeks!?

At the end of my meeting with Rabbi Latz today, he said he feels that I will probably be ready for the mikveh within the next 3 months or so.  He wants to have 2 more meetings and then I … Continue reading

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