Now that I am part of the tribe

I was sitting here thinking about the last time I posted to this blog.  My last post was the day after I went to the mikveh back in April.  If you ask me, that is just too damn long to go without posting.  I mean, yeah, I am no longer on a path toward conversion… I am officially Jewish.  That doesn’t mean I have to end this blog.  The name of the blog is “Newb Jew” and I am still a “Newb”… Still getting into the swing of things as a Jew.  Getting used to my parents and I having different faiths.  Journeying deeper and deeper into my newly official Judaism.  Walking the walk.  Talking the talk.  Doing my best to raise my newborn as the Jew she is as well.  I am going to utilize the blog now to document my continually new Jewish experiences…  Its too early still for me to quit blogging as I am new and still will have many new things to share.

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