I’m In!!

Yesterday was my Beit din and immersion. It was a wonderful experience. I definitely was nervous, so I felt like I was rambling answers and redfaced, but in the end they liked what I was saying and saw that I am sincere. My wife and infant were in the room as well, so that probably added to my nervousness, ha! 

Rabbi Latz really added an important perspective to the day, pointing out that having me go to the mikveh on Yom Hashoah was a testament to the resilience of the Jewish people. 

When I immersed it was an amazing feeling. With each dunk I got more and more excited for what was happening and by the third and final one I took a deep breath to think about how when I came up from under the water I would be officially a member of the Jewish people. It was wonderful to know it was actually happening.

After it was done and I was acknowledged as one of the Jewish people, I remained in the water and was handed my infant daughter. I immersed her up to her neck and Rabbi Latz recited the blessings and poured handfuls of water over her head. Yep, I was not the only member of my family to become Jewish yesterday.. My beautiful baby girl, Autumn, became one as well! 


Mazel Tov to the both of us!

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