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Conversion: My Personal Statement

Below is the personal statement that I wrote and submitted to my sponsoring Rabbi, Rabbi Michael Latz @ Shir Tikvah in Minneapolis.  It will be provided to the other members of the Beit Din that will be meeting with me on … Continue reading

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April 16 is the big day!

After nearly two years of study under the guidance of two different rabbis in two different cities, my immersion date has been booked at the mikveh!!!  I met with Rabbi Latz at Shir Tikvah for one of our monthly meetings … Continue reading

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It isn’t just Europe: Anti-Semitic Graffiti Hits Madison, Wisconsin

This past Friday night/Saturday morning, my beloved hometown made national, even international news.  It wasn’t good news.  It was news of the bad persuasion.  The kind of news we have been hearing out of Europe a lot more as of … Continue reading

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