Feeling out my ‘coming out’ as a Jew

As I progress along my journey to the mikveh and the completion of conversion, I find myself really wanting to just let all who are around know that I am converting.  In the beginning of my serious undertaking of conversion, I was very selective about who I told.  My wife knew, of course, and my best friend knew…  People at work know because I tell people there that I am Jewish.  A few other friends have been told… I am just being careful because I have yet to let my parents, sisters, and other family members know.  My parents have, over the past seven or eight years, become VERY devout in their Catholic faith, as have my sisters, and I am concerned that they will be very upset that I can’t and won’t play that part anymore… That it isn’t really in my beliefs, the whole Christian/Catholic thing…  I fear being treated like an outcast.  I really need to just figure out how I plan on telling them all because… …

I’m going to be a father.

Yes, I am going to be a dad.  So, that means the whole ‘I am becoming a Jew so I obviously want to bring up my child as a Jew’ thing needs to be known because I don’t want my parents being Catholic ‘preachy’ to my child and I want them to respect my decision to follow my heart and become Jewish and to raise my kid however my wife and I see fit.  I have a lot of thinking to do.. I’ve been really feeling out the whole reveal to my parents, etc…  Its hard to hide it much longer because of a variety of factors, from my happiness that I feel in participating in Jewish worship and customs to the fact that I am having a child soon and need to set the bar for their upbringing!  I post Jewish and conversion things on social media some days with the attitude of ‘well if my parents or sisters see this then so be it…” and then some days I am more secretive…  I just have to be open and true to myself and let them know… Soon.

I know if my parents and sisters truly love me they will respect my beliefs and in the end, nothing will change.  

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