Shalom! Here is a Summer update!

I’ve been really slacking when it comes to this blog.  When I first started it last Fall while in Madison, I did my best to fill it with content.  I have been busy getting into my new role as a manager here in Minnesota with a coffee chain and also just busy in general.  I recently took a trip to Ireland and that took up a good solid week that was amazing.  Not as amazing as my February trip to Israel… But still amazing.  I don’t think anything will top a first trip to Israel… other than a 2nd trip there.  But I digress… Let me update everyone on my progress.

Currently I am waiting on Rabbi Latz to return from Israel so that I can meet with him again to go over things, answer questions, etc.  I will be scheduling that meeting soon because I am anxious to meet with him again.  I am currently reading ‘Seasons of Our Joy” by Rabbi Arthur Waskow, which is a book given to me by Rabbi Latz to help me get a lot of information about every Jewish holiday.  It is a really good read and I enjoy it quite a bit.  It is not a dry interpretation of the holidays, since Rabbi Waskow does a great job of explaining and interpreting them.  The book first came out in the early 1980’s but has been updated with new updates and a new Afterward a few times, most recently in 2012.  I have been reading and then jotting down things to ask or to get clarified when I meet with Rabbi Latz again.  

On the Shabbat front, I have been trying to get to services as often as I can, but my new job has a lot of early mornings, Shabbat services starting at 6:30pm and going til 8pm make for a late night when I live 25 minutes from Shir Tikvah and have to be up at 2:15 in the morning to commute the 25 minutes to the coffee shop… So depending on the sleep I get over the course of the whole week is a determining factor in if my body can handle less sleep on Friday night so I can get to Shabbat services.  I am kind of sad that I have to work weekends, since I was trying to fully embrace Shabbat by turning off my phone, not driving, etc…  Oh well, I will whenever I can!!!!

I really am feeling like I am Jewish.  When people talk about Judaism or I hear something about Judaism, I think “thats me!” and I smile.  I tell people I am Jewish.  I wear a Star of David proudly around my neck.  I feel like Israel is very important and is ‘home’ to me… I shed a tear this morning when I heard that the three missing boys were found dead in the West Bank.  

When I think of Jewish people I don’t say “they” I say “we” and “I” and I am very happy about it.

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