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I met with Rabbi Latz at Shir Tikvah in Minneapolis today to discuss the continuation of my conversion process. It was a wonderful meeting. He was completely receptive to me and my journey and had no hesitation about being the Rabbi to sponsor my conversion process from this point on. He supplied me with three books to help me along. One about Shabbat that goes into the step by steps of lighting the candles of Shabbat, the blessings, the meal, etc… Another book about all the Jewish holidays… Also, a book to help me in my mission to learn Hebrew. I have found Rosetta Stone to be a good tool, but I have been looking for a book to assist as well and he recommended Aleph isn’t Tough and supplied me with a copy. After meeting with Rabbi Latz, I feel a greater sense of confidence in my journey toward Judaism.

Rabbi Biatch in Madison was a great Rabbi but I always had a feeling in the back of my mind that he may not have been as “in to” guiding me along as I would have expected a sponsoring Rabbi to be… But Rabbi Latz is ‘all-in’ and even said how he loves aiding in conversions. I made the right choice contacting him and meeting with him and now I think I can cancel the meetings I scheduled with Rabbis at other Twin Cities synagogues because I found the one!

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