On the move!

So I have been away from the blog for a bit.  It has been a busy spring!  This past week I actually moved from Madison up to the Twin Cities metro in Minnesota.  I was in the middle of the Intro to Judaism class at Temple Beth El in Madison so I am unable to finish it, which makes me sad since it was such an informative and engaging class. 

I am currently vetting Twin Cities area rabbis to find the best one to help me finish what I started with Rabbi Biatch in Madison.  I am hoping that I don’t have to start from square one in the process, but can have my conversion process continue from some mid-point at least, pending what the rabbi I choose thinks is best.  I have meetings scheduled with 3 rabbis this week so hopefully I can get the process continuing asap.

I miss my congregation in Madison, Temple Beth El, and I am hoping that I am able to get the same welcoming and warm feeling I got right off the bat there at the synagogue that I end up attending regularly here. 


So far, I have attended Shabbat services at Shir Tikvah in Minneapolis, who’s rabbi will be the one I meet with first, tomorrow afternoon.  I enjoyed it and liked the atmosphere so I hope tomorrow’s meeting goes well!


Inside the sanctuary at Shir Tikvah prior to the start of Shabbat services - 05/09/2014

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