I’m Learning Hebrew!

Rosetta Stone Hebrew Edition

After returning from my first ever trip to Israel, I decided that I really want to learn Hebrew.  I got an email from Rosetta Stone offering all levels of the language of my choice for $279 and I can pay in monthly installments over 6 months.  I jumped at that offer and ordered all 3 Hebrew levels.

Now, I know that in Israel it is common to hear English, I want to be able to at least hold basic conversations in Hebrew.  I think that it would be beneficial, hopefully fun, and also, it is a mitzvah for a Jew to learn Hebrew.  Before leaving Israel, I picked up a copy of the Jerusalem Post Ivrit, the ‘Easy Hebrew’ edition of the paper.  My goal is to read it by the end of the summer.  Why so far down the road?  Well, Hebrew is not the easiest to learn.  I have good days and bad days using Rosetta Stone.  The “total immersion” style can be tough, with no transliteration or English words in it to tell you what you are saying, only pictures, it is challenging.  I hope that I succeed.  I think I will.  I plan on getting some help from people locally who speak some Hebrew.  If I don’t succeed, well, its a $279 lesson in what not to do to learn a language… Rosetta Stone, you better work for me!!

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