Saving Lives

Saving Lives to benefit the AFMDA. I am fundraising as a way of getting support for my run at the 2016 Samsung Tel Aviv Half Marathon.  Make a tax deductible donation as a show of support today!  Click the link!

Source: Saving Lives

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Another trip to Israel!

One month to go!  Yes!  February 22nd I leave for Tel Aviv!  I am running in the 2016 Samsung Tel Aviv half marathon.  I’ve been busy training in the warm climate known as the Planet Fitness in Bloomington.  I am excited to head to Israel again, but this trip is going to be interesting because I am travelling ALONE.  Yep.  No wife. No baby.  Just me… Solo.  I’ve never even crossed into Canada alone, let alone halfway around the world.  Should be interesting.  I plan on blogging from there.  I plan on live streaming on Periscope.  I plan on having a great time.  I’m hoping to meet up with some people I know that live in Israel, so I won’t be alone the whole time… Besides, I will be running with over 15,000 people.

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The timeth approacheth


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LEGIT Pastrami

St Paul is home to Cecil’s, which you could say is the last TRUE delicatessen in the Twin Cities and a favorite of area Jews.  Just check out this beauty:


Hot pastrami on egg white bread. Side of potato salad and a kosher pickle.


If you’re ever in the Highland Park neighborhood of St Paul, be sure to swing by Cecil’s!

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Closer than you think!

Well, the High Holy Days are approaching already… Closer than you think!  Only a month and a half-ish til Rosh Hashanah!  Remembering this, I was in the neighborhood of my synagogue today and thought it would be a good time to stop in and pick up my copies of Mishkan Hanefesh, the new machzor for the High Holy Days.   I was thumbing through the books today and discovered that my super amazing Rabbi, Michael Latz, was a part of the Alternative Readings team during the initial development phase. 

I am all set for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur! 


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St Paul Mikveh


I was out and about today and drove past the place where I became Jewish and thought ‘I don’t have a picture of it. I should probably take one since I am in the neighborhood as a reminder of where it all happened back on April 16th, 2015’

Above, with the blue roof, is the St Paul Mikvah. A house converted into a place of immersion in the Highland Park neighborhood of St Paul, Minnesota. 

The place where I officially joined the Jewish people.

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I sent a telegram

I sent a telegram last week.

Yep. That is something I never thought I would say. No, Doc Brown didn’t show up in a Delorean either before I did it. Telegrams are still available in Israel from Israel Post. I was able to order it online and a courier then attempted delivery, but the friend I was trying to send it to hadn’t even arrived yet… so a few days later it was just emailed.

My friend and Mikvah witness, Meir Bargeron, moved to Jerusalem from Minneapolis last week to begin his 1st year of Rabbinical school. I was browsing the Israel Post website during some down time at the office and came across the ‘Send a Telegram’ section and decided to do something fun by sending Meir a telegram wishing him luck… I had his address in Jerusalem so it was a no-brainer. It cost 40 NIS (12ish USD) and was real easy. I even got a PDF copy of the telegram for my records.

I think I may send another one in the future. It’s great knowing someone who lives in Israel and so why not keep sending Telegrams?! It’s something most people in the US haven’t done in a century or more!


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